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GamePredator97 reviews Fable III (X360)

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GamePredator97 said...

The latest Fable game is brilliant but in my opinion flawed and not as good as the early games. The story is brilliantally told however when I finally beat Logan, I discovered that I had to raise a huge ammount of money in one year to save the kingdom from The Darkness . One problem, this year isnt as long as it seems and is mostly results in you either being bad but saving the kingdom (ie people like you even when you don't want them to) or being good but the kingdom being destroyed (ie people hate you when you dont want to). Overall if Lionhead had taken their time they may have done better. Also your role as a king ends once you finish the story. It would have been nice if these contniued after the main story ended

Game Traits applied to Fable III (X360) by GamePredator97

  • The Setting:
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  • How it's Played:
    Fast-paced battles, Action-RPG
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Fable III

Fable III (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing
Release Date:
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